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Round 2 trope bingo card

marriage character in distress genderswap fake relationship twenty-four hours to live
au: fusion au: fairy tale / myth chosen family fork in the road indecent proposal
celebratory kiss role reversal FREE

kidfic trapped in a dream
immortality / reincarnation unexpected friendship road trip bets / wagers against all odds
rites of passage / coming of age wingfic meet the parents / family reunion au: crossover

I'm so excited about this.I already have ideas...
B/D1 byPoptartmuse

Bingo! Vertical line

For troupe_bingo on dreamwith


It's a Wonderful Night (Mistletoe Kiss)  C/M


Mythic (secret relationship) C/M


Game Night (game night) Dean & Charlie



One Last Cup of Coffee before You Go (coffee shop AU)


Talking in Your Sleep (huddled for warmth) H/J

bad gir

Sandy Hook & the truth

Recently I've been seeing articles about people, heroes, average people who on one cold day Last December had a horrible tragedy ahppen in their town.  Nobody will forget the tragedies of Sandy Hook for a long while.  Children, just babies really, shot down by a crazed asshole with his mother's guns who felt that taking his mother's life wasn't enough, he had to go to an elementry school kill some kids too.  Right before Christmas.  

I bring this up because these articles are telling about people of the town who helped out these terrified children and families, parents who lost their children days before Christmas to this sensless act are now being harrassed, by email, by phone, by mail by (and I'm goign to be crass here)  Ignorant asshots who think that the Federal Government was behind the entire shooting to, of all things, impose stricter gun laws.

I don't even know how to respond to this; what I do know is that every time I see an article like this, I want to punch something or someone.
First off, I refuse...REFUSE to believe in a government, any government, that sanctions the murder of 6 and 7 year old children for something like changing gun laws.

Second, how dare these asshats how dare they ake a horrible act such as this and tell the people of Sandy Hook that they're all living a lie.  These mothers and fathers and siblings of the children murdered; these morons are telling these people that they are liars; that their children are alive and in hiding just so Our African American President can take away the Nation's guns.  Because the government doesn't hav anything lse to do but plan ways to take guns from the American people.

Let me mention something to you; one body of government cannot do something this big without the other side knwoing about it, which means if you believe this bullshit, then you also have to believe that it is not just President Obama that did this. That is was Bachmann and Boehner and the entirety of both parties of our government that agreed to this.  
And this...
This is utter and complete bullshit!

Our government leaders might be stupid, they might be annoying as hell, they might be complete and utter douchebags, but I refuse to believe that any of them would sanction the murder of children for an agenda.  

*this ends my soapbox*
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My trope bingo update #1

Got my card for this last week (as previously listed) and found there are a mess of ones I want to do. So I spent this afternoon looking over my card and outlining which tropes I want to do, if they would make a bingo (bonus, they do!) and putting the shows and/ or pairings together with each trope. I think I'm about finished and relatively happy with the results. I've come up with seven shows and possibly three pairings for one of those shows. ( I didn't know I wrote for that many shows)
I think at least one of these, I'm going to have way too much fun writing. : )

The first stories are supposed to start going up on January 15th, so I think I'd better start writing for this soon. I have until June to finish this, but I don't want to procrastinate on this. The more I wait and the more I'll end up reading the other writer's stories, the more I'll get intimidated and not do it.
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Here's my trope card! Yay!

in vino veritas / drunkfic sharing a bed au: fantasy secret relationship au: band
bodyswap fake relationship forced to marry au: coffee shop secret twin / doppelganger
animal transformation soul bonding / soulmates FREE

mistletoe kiss au: magic
au: neighbors au: college / highschool truth or dare game night kiss to save the day
day at the beach accidental baby acquisition fuck or die huddle for warmth genderswap
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hero by Ashley

Killing him slowly

Finally went to see "The Hobbit" yesterday.  Going through the trailers for upcoming movies, I cringed through the "Into the Darkness" trailer.  Mostly because I had ship in TOS and when I went into the first movie I wasn't told it was an AU, so the established ship kind of bombed me right out of the water and as my friend (who giggled evily) watching I tried my dammedest not st stand up in the movie theater and scream at everything JJ Abrams did to Vulcan and Spock.  Because of this, I don't think I can see the next movie in the theaters:  the paring has been shown as still active in the trailers, I get the same raging in my gut every time I see it and even though I would love to see what delicious evil things Cumberbatch's character can come up with, I can't cope with it.  Oddly enough, I find Karl Urban's Bones an accurate representation of a younger DeForrest Kelly's Dr. McCoy.

But, not what I wanted to talk about.  

The other trailer that caught my attention is for "Man of Steel"  It's no secret that I am a huge Superman fan.  I have been for years and even now, after the utter destruction of his character by DC, I still can't help but hold a fondness for the man he was.
Which is why every time I see this trailer, by the end I almost have tears in my eyes.  And not the good kind.
Zach Snyder and Chris Nolan, I can't deny are great directors/producers.  I loved Nolan's version of The Dark Knight.  And as I wasn't a Watchman fan, i likes Snyder's movie.  
But I know.  I KNOW, in the deep recesses of my soul that they are going to fuck this up in such a way that the superhero will never return.  And everytime I see the trailer, I can see it.  And it annoys me that nobody else can see it and that everyone is so hyped for this movie, because Nolan did Batman and it was brilliant.  And  it was, because Bruce Wayne's/Batman's character is dark.  He's broken, he's a jerk, he's not forgiving.  Superman is none of those things.  He's DC's version of a boyscout.  Truth, justice, and the American way.  He's as freaking wholesome as apple pie and baseball.  If that's cheesy, then so be it.  That's the way his is.  He's not dark, he's not a jerk, he's broken, but not in the same way as Bruce Wayne's character is.  He's an eternal optimist.  And this movie is going to be none of that.
And it just makes me so frustrated every time I see it.  They're killing him.  Who he is.  First with the new 52, then with Nolan.  Until finally he's only going to be a broken down shell of the superhero that has always held a place in my heart.  And nobody is ever going to know the Man of Steel that I grew up with.
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damn bunny

NaNo goals

This year for NaNo, I had an idea for a story.  A brilliant one with enough depth that I think probably would have pushed it to 50K.
I didn't do it.  One, because last year, I literally had a nervous breakdown and although my premise for the story was good, I still have about 12K just sitting on my flash drive because I think I ran the bunny off.  I'm hoping I finish it one day.  The year before I almost made it but as soon as November was over, I haven't picked it up again.  There's a couple of fight scenes I have to flesh out but one day I'll actually sit my ass down and finish it.  Soon, I hope, because I told a friend about it and she wants to read it.  So I have that motivation.  

So while listening to some friends on Twitter, talking about NaNo and how they were using it to work on stories they had already started, I decided to give myself the same challenge.  Instead of starting a fic and working 30 days on it and driving myself crazy that entire time, I decided to sit back give myself a goal of finishing two half finished fic I hadn't finished.  

It seems the bunnies approved of this because on the 15th, I finished one story.  And to my surprise and delight, it ended up being 75K!  Which I was quite proud of because never in my story writing career have I ever written a 75K story!    I was inspired so I ended up starting a new fic and finishing that one in four days (it was only 10K) and finally a smaller third one in one day (about 4K)

For the first time since I started NaNo, I feel accomplished.  I didn't finish two half started stories, but I did finish one and completed two brand new ones.  Which I'm counting as a win.
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NaNoWriMo 2012

After last years near nervous breakdown during NaNo, this year I've decided not to participate fully in NaNo.  I have decided, however, that I will be using this time to dedicate myself to finishing two half written fics.  The one I'm working on right now, and one of my half finished Bruce/Darcy fics.  It still gives me a goal to work towards and I think it will be easier than trying to finish a story in 30 days.  I do still have my Apocalypse fic I'm going to write, however I think I will start that one in January and work on it until March.  Two months for a fic should work out, I'm hoping and give me enough time and training to work up to 2013 NaNoWriMo.  (provided we're all still alive then."
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One of my IRL friends who is super fangirl just like me just texted me.  We are of one mind usually with our ships; Draco/Hermoine, Simon/Kaylee.  We fangirl over Doctor Who, Firefly, Harry Potter, Avengers, Red Dwarf...there isn't much that we don't think alike in...with the exception of the Rose vs Amy delimma.  

She loves Rose.  I think Rose was great with 9...with 10 she became a freaking Mary Sue and needed to be killed off.  I cheered when she got trapped in the other dimension, and kept thinking...really when they kept bringing her ass back.  She was over used, annoying, and by the end of the 10 series, I hate to admit it because I loved him, but I was glad he was leaving if only because I wouldn't have to ever see how the writers could pull Rose out of an locked alternate dimension again to see him.    On the other hand, I love Amy Pond.  Love her!!!!  Her interaction with 11 is brilliant and the first season they were together I admit I shipped them a lot, but now its hysterical to see her as his MIL, and as much as I'm going to bawl at this season, I do think it's time for her to go.  
My friend hates Amy.  Probably for the same reasons I mentioned with Rose earlier...except the always freaking coming back part.

So she just text me to tell me she has a new ship.  11/Rose.  To which I asked her why.  Her response, a fanvid.  *groans*  She's becoming one of those fangirls who feel that Rose must be shipped with every Doctor ever!! Because their love is so speshel that it transends time and space. 

This is where I would normally go into a rant about all the other companions the Doctor has had and the other ships out there and my new found answer to all these women: River Song.  Yeah, you may think he loved Rose, but he married River.  So there.  Bleh.

This is one of the things I find annoying about the New fans.  There are 25 + other seasons of companions, Doctors and unresolved sexual tension that their missing.  Trust me, Rose was not the first companion the Doctor may have loved, and she won't be the last.

But I won't rant about that today.  I'm just hoping this doesn't ruin a friendship.  Because I pity those fangirls.  They're kind of sad.  And I don't want my friend to be one of those sad fangirls.  :(
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